“We want to take care of our planet,
We belong to this planet,
this planet is our Root.”

We are a team of people from different backgrounds, all united by the desire to change and take care of our planet. We have a great desire, “to create moments of connection between us and nature, thanks to our products”.

We are ready to feed the change.

Feeding the Sustainable Thinking that, in recent years, has been ignited in people’s consciences. Root FTC believes that a product today is not just a simple object, but a symbol of community, an incentive to make a better gesture towards our planet.

The approach we adopt for product design focuses on the end user, preferring functionality and intuitiveness as absolute values.

We design and manufacture long-lasting quality products, with the purpose of impacting the environment as little as possible.

We know that the planet needs help and our commitment will be to create products that respect the people and environment of Earth.



stands for “where I belong to”, a deeper connection with our planet, a message of environmental consciousness that will bring awareness to our Users.

Feed the Change.

Is our payoff, our believe, an impactful message of willingness to be part of something big and meaningful.

To have a better living and to take care of our planet we need a change and we are the first who has to fight for a change, we are the change, and we Feed the Change.